Tania Burstin


When Tania Burstin introduced the concept of online fundraising to the Australian market back in 2007, it was met with hesitation.

As the first donation platform of its kind ever seen in the country, mycause was innovative, exclusive and for many charities and consumers, puzzling.

“For me, it made complete sense,” Ms Burstin says.

“After years of volunteering my time for various charitable organisations, I realised the complexity and inefficiency of ‘cash-in-hand’ fundraising, which inspired me to find a solution.”

“This saw the birth of mycause.”

Seven years later, mycause has now earned itself the reputation of being Australia’s premier crowdfunding platform for personal and charitable causes, helping raise more than $35 million through its network of 107,000 members.

“After initial resistance in the sector, our partners now understand and value our simple and user friendly platform,” Ms Burstin says in reference to the 1500 influential charity relationships mycause has.

So where to from here?

Not known as a shrinking violet, Ms Burstin has lead the growth of mycause by 95% in the last 12 months, which leaves her more ambitious and motivated than ever.

“The reality is there is a huge market out there for crowdfunding and it’s up to us to provide new and innovative ways for people to come on board.”

“2015/2016 will see mycause introduce a number of exciting initiatives, some that have never been seen before in the Australian marketplace.

“While I continue to see inefficiency in the marketplace, I will be inspired to find solutions.”