Arthur Naoumidis

Founder & CEO

After 20 years as an IT consultant, Arthur spent 5 years at JB Were and BNP Paribas building and operating investment administration systems and businesses. Using this combined technology and investment administration background, Arthur founded the ASX-listed Praemium Limited. Arthur grew Praemium into a business with 500 client firms (accountants, financial planners, stockbrokers, SMSF administrators and institutions) in Australia administering over $43 billion as well as partnering with Blackrock Australia to launch Australia’s first online SMA. As a result of listing Praemium on the ASX, Arthur took the Praemium SMA concept to the UK and successfully launched the SMA platform business of Praemium UK.

DomaCom Limited was conceived and founded by Arthur to introduce some of the concepts he pioneered in the equity markets during his Praemium days into the property market – a sector that has been relatively untouched by technology and business process improvements. The result is a fractional property investment model embodied in the recently launched DomaCom Fund.

Furthermore, DomaCom intends to release an equity release product based on the fractional concept in the near future.