Melbourne skyline looking towards Flinders Street Station. Australia.

Friday 11 September 2015

Deakin University (Melbourne City Centre, 550 Bourke St)



A. Welcome & Opening speech
  • Hon Bruce Billson MP
    Federal Minister for Small Business
    – confirmed –
The future & potential of crowdfunding – Keynote
  • Dr Dan Marom
    Leading thought leader in the crowdfunding field & author of the pioneering books: The Crowdfunding Revolution & Crowdfunding: The Corporate Era
    In person
 Global crowdfunding – Keynote
  • Jason Best
    Co-founder & Managing Partner Crowdfund Capital Advisors
    (Strategic crowdfunding advisors, initiator of crowdfunding provisions in the US JOBS Act, co-author of World Bank Report on Crowdfunding)
    via video link
B. Equity crowdfunding – How it works – Panel discussion
  • Matt Pinter
    Chair Crowdfunding Institute of Australia 
  • Chris Gilbert
    Managing Director & co-founder Equitise
    (Equity crowdfunding platform)
<morning tea> 10.30-10.50
C. Legal & regulatory issues in crowdfunding – Panel discussion
  • Nick Karolidis
    Founder & Director OzCrowd
    (Rewards crowdfunding website)
  • David Cornwell
    Partner Piper Alderman
    (Law Firm)
  • Andrew Macpherson
    Principal Macpherson Greenleaf
  • Richard Bunting
    Director – Policy & Guidance AUSTRAC
    (Government Financial Transactions Regulator)
D. Crowdlending/Peer to peer lending – Panel discussion
  • Glenn Hodgeman
    Executive Director AltFi Australasia
    (Alternative Finance Conference)
  • Glenn Riddell
    COO Ratesetter Australia
    (Crowdlending or Peer to Peer lending platform)
  • Leo Tyndall
    CEO & Founder Market Lend
    (Crowdlending or Peer to Peer lending platform)
  • Greg Symons
    COO & Co-founder SocietyOne
    (Crowdlending or Peer to Peer lending platform)
  • Ben Taylor
    General Manager Australia Harmoney
    (Crowdlending or Peer to Peer lending platform)
11.20- 12.10
E. Business crowdfunding: Analysis & practical experiences – Panel discussion
  • Adrian Stone
    Angel Investor & Co-founder AngelCube
    (Venture Accelerator)
  • Christine Kaine
    Director Business Angels
    (Early pioneer of angel investing in Australia) 
  • Sam Stewart
    (Corporate Finance & Investment Banking)
<lunch> 12.30-1.30
F. Crowdfunding today – Presentation
  • Rick Chen
    Co-founder & Director Pozible
    (Australia’s global crowdfunding platform)
G. University & research crowdfunding – Panel discussion
  • Professor Deb Verhoeven 
    Professor of Media & Communications, leading Australian researcher on crowdfunding Deakin University
    (Tertiary Education Institution)
  • Professor Stuart Palmer
    Associate Professor of Integrated Learning, Faculty of Science, Engineering & Built Environment Deakin University
    (Tertiary Education Institution)
  • Elijah Marangu
    Lecturer & PhD Candidate, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Leader of successful crowdfunding project: Kenya Healthy Minds Deakin University
    (Tertiary Education Institution)
  • Dr Ben McNeill
    Oceanographer University of NSW, Founder & Chief Scientist Thinkable
    (Research crowdfunding platform)
H. Internet finance & the rise of peer to peer lending & crowdfunding in China – presentation
  • Dr Luke Deer
    Research Director, Cambridge-Tsinghua-Sydney Asia-Pacific Alternative Financing Benchmarking Study University of Sydney
    (Tertiary education Institution)
I. Emerging niches – Property/ real estate – Panel discussion
  • Moresh Kokane
    Co-Founder Estate Baron
    (Property crowdfunding platform)
  • Arthur Naoumidis
    Founder & CEO Domacom
    (Property crowdfunding platform)
<afternoon tea> 3.20-3.40
Optimising communciations & social media
  • Joyce Seitzinger
    Founder Academic Tribe
    (Educational technologist & social media expert)
J. Crowdfunding for social purposes – Panel discussion
  • Tania Burstin
    CEO mycause
    (Non-Profit, Charity & Social Causes Crowdfunding platform)
  • Prashan Paramanathan
    CEO Chuffed
    (Non-Profit, Charity & Social Causes Crowdfunding platform)
  • Stephanie Arrowsmith

    Manager Global Partnerships StartSomeGood

    (Social Enterprise Crowdfunding platform)
 CFIA Click Video Awards  Audience voting on best crowdfunding videos  4.45-5.15
 Initiate the Crowd drinks  Slate Bar Goldsbrough Lane (TBC on the day)  5.30 & on

 Programme last updated 8 September 2015

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