Our Auckland Programme

IMG_7666 SMALLHere is the programme for our Auckland event.

Session & Subject Goal of the Session & Panellists Time
A. Welcome & Introduction to Crowdfunding

  1. What it is
  2. History
  3. How it works
  4. Overview of forms
  5. World survey
Summit participants (ie audience) should have a good general understanding about crowdfunding.

  • Barry James, Founder & Editor, The Crowdfunding Centre & founder UK Crowdfunding Day
    (UK-based Global Crowdfunding Data & Information Provider) via video
Economic Opportunities
  • Tim Wright, Co-founder & Director Twintangibles 
    (UK crowdfunding consultancy) via video
B. Crowdfunding in detail

  1. Donation
  2. Rewards Based (projects/creative)
  3. Equity
  4. Loans
At the end of the session, participants should know how each form of crowdfunding works.

  • Lynne Le Gros, General Manager, Spark Foundation, who operate Givealittle
    (Donation crowdfunding platform)
  • Will Stewart, Auckland representative, Pledgeme
    (Rewards & Equity crowdfunding platform)
  • Josh Daniell, Head Platform & Investor Growth, The SnowBall Effect
    (Equity crowdfunding platform)
  • Duncan Gross, Head of Institutional Funding, Harmoney
    (Peer to Peer lending/crowdlending platform)
10.15 -11.00
 C. Crowdfunding as a source of finance 

  1. For education & research
  2. For social enterprises
  3. For businesses & start-ups
  4. Its role compared with other start-up capital &


The audience should understand how crowdfunding can be used, where it currently sits in the funding spectrum and what options exist for subsequent rounds of funding.

  • Dr Jeffrey Stangl, Director Engagement & Enterprise, School of Economics & Finance, Massey University
    (Tertiary Education Institution)
  • Yvonne MacLaren, Founder & Director, Valentine Addis & The Catalyst Collective
    (Venture Capital Firm & Advisers)
  • David Wallace, Director, Armillary Private Capital, operators of NZ Crowdcube
    (Private Equity firm & equity crowdfunding platform)
  • Brian Steele, Theatre sponsor, Chair NZ Book Council fundraising & Principal, Shoreline Partners
    (Finance firm)
D. Applications of Crowdfunding

  1. Applications
  2. Niches
Participants will have an appreciation of the diversity of applications of crowdfunding.

  • Simon Bowden, Executive Director, Arts Foundation, who operate Boosted
    (Donation crowdfunding platform for the Arts)
  • Lynne Le Gros, General Manager, the Spark Foundation who operate SparkMyPotential
    (Donation crowdfunding platform for Kiwis to realise their dreams)
E. Lunch Catered lunch included  12.45-2.15
F. Getting the message out: The role of communications & social media in crowdfunding The audience should understand the important role of communications & social media in crowdfunding

  • Kat Jenkins, Founder, Multitude
    (Crowdfunding Specialist/Coach)
  • Gary Mersham, Associate Professor of Communication, Open Polytechnic
    (Tertiary Education Institution)
G. Legal & regulatory issues in Crowdfunding 

  1. Current issues and Risks
  2. Regulation
Participants should be aware of the main risks and regulatory issues in crowdfunding.

  • Jonny Wilkinson, Co-founder & Managing Director, Equitise
    (Equity crowdfunding platform)
  • Mark Malcolm, Co-founder, My Angel Investment
    (Equity crowdfunding platform)
  • Hayley Buckley, Partner, Wynn Williams
    (Law Firm)
  • Sacha Judd, Partner, Buddle Findlay
    (Law firm)
H. Experiences with crowdfunding: Stories from successful campaigns The audience should gain a good understanding of the potential of crowdfunding from recent users and the work that was involved in some of NZ’s most successful campaigns.

  • Jordan Kwan, Director and filmmaker
    (feature-length Samoan film, Liliu le Taimai, one of the successful launch campaigns on SparkMyPotential)
  • Martin Riegal, Chair, Aeronavics Ltd
    (awesome equity crowdfunding campaign on Snowball Effect)
  • Sam Possenniskie, Creative Director, Yeastie Boys (fastest-funded equity campaign, raising half a million dollars in 30 minutes on PledgeMe)
Initiate the Crowd Celebration: After Event Drinks 5.00-7.00
INITIATE the video: Multitude 2015 NZ Crowdfunding Video awards
Best NZ crowdfunding video – selected from our finalists + notable videos from around the world

Eventbrite - INITIATE 3: Pacific Crowdfunding Summit

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