About this Event – Wellington 2013

Initiate Crowdfunding website banner revCROWDFUNDING: IT’S THE NEW FINANCIAL REVOLUTION!

We are running the first full day event to explore the phenomenon of Crowdfunding – 21st Century Finance.
If you think that crowdfunding just means smaller companies that launch games and device projects on platforms like Kickstarter, think again. Crowdfunding has now emerged as a viable, scalable alternative to public and private finance.
“The 2012 worldwide crowdfunding volume reached $2.7B raised from over 1.1m campaigns. Worldwide crowdfunding volumes grew 81% in 2012, which is an acceleration from the 64% growth in 2011.” 
The market is expected to nearly double again this year to $5.1B, according to a comprehensive global report by Massolution: The Crowdfunding Industry Report 2013.

According to the MIT Technology Review 2012, Crowdfunding is: –
“One of the Top 10 emerging technologies with the potential to transform the world”

Crowdfunding is well established in New Zealand and Australia. There are local platforms in most of the niches. In many areas we have been leading the world.

Like to know more about crowdfunding? Then come along to this event.

As a taster, have a look at Anna Guenther’s talk at TEDxTeAro. (Anna is the founder of Pledgeme.co.nz and is one of our speakers)

If you would like a bit more background information about crowdfunding: visit CrowdfundVibe

We are looking to provide a dynamic event to inform you about this rapidly emerging form of funding. We plan to hold several facilitated panel discussions including a workshop on the risks faced by the crowdfunding sector. The NZ Government’s draft regulations for equity and loan crowdfunding were released at the end of October with a deadline for public comment by 5 December 2013. Thus we will have a timely session on the emerging regulatory issues.

See the full programme.

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